New Year, New Dating Resolutions

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Year’s is creeping up on us with all its expectations in tow. Expectations of resolution. Next year we will have flat bellies and smell like sunshine and do yoga every morning at 6 am. Of course. For those of us who are single and dating in some form, whether it be online dating, speed dating, or blind dating, we will inevitably tell ourselves we should make some dating resolutions.

Here’s a list of three realistic dating resolutions you should make:

1. I will expand my horizons

If you are only viewing the profiles of a particular brand of women online, you are missing out on a whole bunch of deliciousness. It doesn’t matter if you usually only find yourself attracted to short women with sporty clothes in *real* life, if there’s something in her profile that catches your eye and she’s a sex foot amazon who only wears heels, take a chance on her. Isn’t the point of online dating to have access to a wider variety of women than you would in your everyday lives? Well, isn’t it, Jeeves?

2. I will stop dating women who treat me like a door mat

Again, finding women online allows you to pick and choose more freely. So, answer this: why do you keep seeing that one woman over and over again who always makes you pay for her on dates, acts bored the whole time, is dating a slew of other men, but then manipulates you with charming chat and sexy looks at the end of the night? Why? I can’t hear you? You’re never going to change her, Jeeves, just get on with your life and find a woman who knows how to treat you right. If you act like a door mat with her, you might eventually end up becoming a permanent doormat. Get off the porch.

3. Reassess

Reassess your dating goals. Why are you dating online? What are you looking for? Who is your ideal mate? What aspects of your personality do you need to work on in order to make your future relationships more successful? Why do you still eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch – you’re 32 years old, you should know how to cook. These and other questions are important to your romantic success – it’s good to go back over them once in a while.

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