Potheads Make For Lousy Lovers

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“Oh yeah, oh yeah…I’m so close. I wish I had some beer, but I wanna come. Ooo, a burrito would hit the spot right now. Why can’t I come?!”

Does this sound like a familiar phrase in your adult dating life?  Trust me, you’re not alone.  Despite the fact that smoking cannabis from time to time can stimulate your senses, if it’s a daily if not hourly routine, it can greatly hurt your chances for a good sex life.

An Australian sex dating study has revealed that men who smoke marijuana every day are 4 times more likely to have difficulty reaching orgasm and helping their partners reach orgasm than men who don’t smoke THE POT.   It is also not surprising that the same study found out that potheads are also 3 times more likely to experience premature ejaculation than male non-smokers.  That’s funny, considering how potheads are ironically more likely to have more sexual partners than non marijuana smokers.

Smoking weed may be a recreational activity, however it can lead to adultery and emotional plateaus in relationships.

At first, my boyfriend and I had sex like rabbits while smoking weed.  Unfortunately, I realized he was relying on it every time we did it.  It was like all he wanted to do was smoke pot and have 2 minute sex while pausing his EastBound and Down episodes. It makes me look at other guys now and he probably has no idea I have one foot out the of the door because he’s always stoned. “  Stacey, 23

It’s no surprise that this is a common problem with most relationships with people in their twenties.  Not only does pot-induced intercourse feel great and make stupid movies seem hilarious, it also proves to be a great escape for people avoiding being adults.  After a while though, it can be quite detrimental to any relationship.

We can’t all be Matthew Mcconaughey. It’s important to realize that if you do smoke marijuana, do it occasionally and don’t let it affect your love life.  If you can’t give it up, than don’t be surprised that your girlfriend is seeking other company with men who don’t talk about Robot Chicken all the time.




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