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Gorgeous layout. A lot of great extra features.


Monthly membership expensive. No yearly membership option.
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Above average sex dating site. Slick web design.

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BeNaughty Review


I was very interested in giving BeNaughty a whirl for a month for three reasons. First, a friend of mine swears by the site, and has told me many a story about the copious amounts of hot sex he’s got through the site. Second, because the site is one of the biggest in the online dating scene right now, boasting more than a million members and close to 25 million visits per month. And lastly, because the month I planned to try this site out I was going on a package tour through Europe, and BeNaughty services Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, and Spain. I figured what I could do in preparation for my vacation is get online at BeNaughty, and set up in advance as many sex dates as I could. Spend my days checking out the tourist traps and scenic hot-spots, and then spend my nights hooking up with local ladies looking for a little no-strings-attached fun with an exotic guy from the New World. That was the plan, anyway.


I started off checking out the site with their free initial membership. It gave the a basic look around the site. It’s set up pretty much like most online dating sites out there, and just like most of the sites out there, requires you to upgrade to a paid membership if you’re going to use the site effectively. I set up my free account, and after getting the gist of the site, upgraded to the $40/month paid membership. It doesn’t look like the site offers a year-long membership price at a discounted rate, so you’re looking at a $480 price tag for the year. Pretty high price, compared to similar sites like SocialSex or Xpress which have a year-long price tag that breaks down to just $12.50 a month for their premium gold membership package. However, seeing some of the gorgeous women online in the countries I planned to visit definitely encouraged me to glad-fully hand over the forty bones.


BeNaughty Pricing

Free Initial Membership (Extremely limited)

$40.00/month full-access Membership

No yearly Membership Rate

So, I started sending out some emails to the beautiful babes in the cities I knew I was going to visit. My first four days was going to be in the UK, so I focused my initial search and contact efforts to ladies in London and Dublin. I hate to make a pun, but each time I logged onto BeNaughty it seemed like my emails were doublin’. I sent out about twenty emails total, got thirteen responses, and set up sex dates with the four hottest women for the three nights I was going to be in the UK. Yes, you read that correctly. I booked two different women on the same night for my one night in Dublin. I’ve always had a thing for red heads with green eyes, and there were two absolutely stunning ladies that I couldn’t decide between. So, I scheduled one early in the evening, and one a late night booty call. I assumed they had RedBull in Ireland, so I figured I’d be OK.

Next I started contacting women in Paris. I know they say that French women are some of the sexiest in the world, but when I started looking through the ladies on BeNaughty Paris, I was blown away. Talk about beautiful. Following the same M.O., I started emailing sexy women and setting up dates for every night. Next was Lyon, Nice, Marseilles, Amsterdam. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin, Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid. Of the 28 nights I would be spending in Europe, I had managed to set up 25 dates with women, 2 dates with married couples, and one date with two hot girlfriends looking for a MFF threesome. The MMF threesome was in Hamburg, and it came as no surprise, since I’d always heard that Hamburg was the kinkiest city in the world. So, I packed a gross of prophylactics, and headed off across the pond.

The breakdown:

Time spent: 22 days, approximately 2 hours a night.

Total emails sent: 106

Total responses: 61

Unsolicited emails received: 34

Dates scheduled: 28

All things considered, this is a pretty good return for time spent and money I shelled out. The real question remained: how many of these dates would actually come to fruition once I was in the cities and ready to meet these women? It’s been my experience that there are always drop-outs and no-shows when I use sex dating sites like BeNaughty.


I won’t go into any lurid details, but almost 90% of the women showed up for our dates. I actually couldn’t make two of the dates because the tour got off schedule. However, the Hamburg threesome came off without a hitch, and the whole trip was a thing of beauty. It was so sweet watching all the other singles on my tour going to the clubs to try to pick up, while I just relaxed in my hotel room waiting for my pre-arranged dates to arrive. I’d say the guys on my tour probably got lucky maybe four times tops over the entire trip, while I was getting lucky almost every night. BeNaughty is definitely an indispensable tool for getting dates in Europe.

Because I spent the month in Europe, I can’t really say whether or not the site would be as effective in North America. Although, I can’t see why it would be so good there and not the same here. The bottom line is that the site is very well designed and filled with plenty of cool features and millions of members. The only real downside is the rather high monthly rate that you need to renew each month. Similar sites that I’ve tried and reviewed have equally high monthly rates, but offer a much lower yearly rate if you plan to use the site for more than just thirty days.

For that reason, I give this site a B-. But it was a month I’ll never forget!

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