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Fantastic amount of extra features. 100 Day Get Laid Guarantee.


Free membership does not include everything. Upgrading to paid membership necessary for full site features.
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Great sex dating site. Good pricing for memberships. Millions of members worldwide. Recommended.

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EroticAds Review


EroticAds is a new adult dating site that piqued my interest as soon as I saw the animated gif of the two bunnies getting friendly in a canine way. I should point out that despite the cute and fluffy nature of the banner, EroticAds is anything but tame and cute. It’s about finding local people for hot, casual sex. Period. You want a relationship? You want friendship and coffee dates? You want to “talk”? You’d be much more comfortable at a site like FindLove. But if you want some no-strings attached carnal fun with like-minded people in your area, then EroticAds is exactly where you want to be.







I went online to the sex dating website and was immediately welcomed by a gorgeous, half-naked virtual woman encouraging me to take their step by step tour through the site. As you take the tour, you click on your preferences and without really feeling it, you’re filling in their free initial membership process. It’s a fun way to set up your free membership, to being titillated by the virtual vixen (that’s her on the far left of the pic below.) By the way, she gets progressively more and more nude and dirty-mouthed as your process continues!



Once I finished setting up my initial free membership profile, I started thinking about using EroticAds to set myself up with not only sex dates, but hooking myself up with a sexual scenario I had never had before. After having reviewed so many of these types of sex sites before, I knew that getting a simple one on one hook up with a random local girl would be simple. But I figured in addition to that, I’d also try to do some of the crazy, outlandish stuff that I’ve always fantasized about but never done. After all, I never had to see the people I hook up with again if I didn’t want to, so why not?!

There were two particular fantasies I wanted to try to set up. Namely, a role-playing scenario where I’m the stern teacher who has asked his college-aged student to stay behind after class because I have to discuss her grades or behaviour in class or whatever. The second was sex in a public place, more specifically, somewhere on my old university campus. My idea was to try to find a woman that would be interested in combining both fantasies into one glorious tryst, travelling to my old Alma mater and having hot sex in an empty classroom. It’d be extra hot because the danger element would be there, since the month I tried EroticAds, school was still in full swing.

To get the most out of the site, and since the free membership limited me to only sending emails to women, I had to upgrade to one of two kinds of paid memberships EroticAds offered. The Silver membership package would allow me to send and receive limitless emails and would qualify me for the 3 Month Get Laid Guarantee. If I don’t get my naughty bits wet in three months, they give me my money back, no questions asked. If I chose the Gold membership, it would give me the Silver membership features, as well as full and unlimited access to all the site’s other features. This includes webcam functionality, group discussion boards, members’ videos, the XXX video section, and all the online forums. Since I knew that hooking up my fantasy scenario would probably require me to do more than just emailing, I decided to go for the one-month gold membership. Plus, it was only a few dollars more than the silver, so I figured, why not get all the toys on the site? Here’s the pricing guide for EroticAds:

3 Days1 Month3 Months1Year
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/Month$19.98/Month
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/Month$23.32/Month$12.50/Month

Once I had my Gold membership going, I began sending out about fifteen to twenty emails a day, as well as going onto the forums and group discussion boards to look for women that seemed kinky enough and brave enough to try my public, school-girl based fantasy scenario. For the first three weeks, I didn’t have any luck finding a girl willing to do my fantasy, but plenty of women who wanted hot one night stands. From the very first night I had a plethora of opportunities to choose from. This was the first site I’ve reviewed where I was offered a casual sex hook up the same night I started my use of website. In all, here are the numbers for the whole month:

I contacted 74 women through emails. 59 responses.

I received 41 unsolicited emails from women. I responded to 33 of them.


Of the 92 women that I had an email exchange with, I asked 41 of them for sex dates. 20 accepted.

Of the 20 sex dates, 2 were no shows. One was a cancellation, the other was just an inconsiderate woman.

So, eighteen sex dates in one month, or one every other day or so. Pretty fantastic return on investment for the price and time spent.

Now, the best part. About four days before my month-long review was to conclude, I was reading through a real-time online forum that had a super sexy and kinky woman talking about how much she loved the thrill of public sex. I wasted no time contacting her privately through her email and started flirting. She was very responsive, and when I started walking about my fantasy, she said she was game. I was thrilled!

I told her I wanted the full experience. Her in a short kilt and blouse that left little to the imagination. She agreed to it all. We met on campus one afternoon. I had my suit on and my briefcase (with paddle inside) in tow. We walked around until we found an empty classroom and went inside. I won’t give all the dirty details away, but let’s just say I have one less fantasy I need to cross off my list. It was exciting and hot and amazing from start to finish.

EroticAds gets top marks from this “teacher”! A+







EroticAds Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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