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Decent prices and huge membership numbers. Extras like members' videos section, group forums, and webchatting.


Free membership is limited to contacting other members.
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Great site. High quality with loads of features. Large, real membership numbers.

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When I had a look at which adult dating site I was reviewing next, I was really excited when I saw that it was EroticLove. This was because I knew it had an amazing reputation for getting locals hooked up for some casual sex, but also because a few of my friends already have been using the site and had nothing but good things to say. In fact, the reason I was most anxious to get started as soon as possible, was because one of my friends said that EroticLove has a huge couples contingency on there, and I wanted to get some threesomes going. I have always fantasized about getting into a threesome, both the male, male, female variety and male, female, female kind too.



Obviously the MFF threesome was the kind I wanted to try the most, because what guy doesn’t want the opportunity to enjoy the sexual company of two women instead of just one. After all, hot sex with one woman can be a transcendent experience, so I figured that if I doubled my pleasure, it’d be double the transcendence. I also wanted to join monogamous M/F couples in a MMF threesome because I always had a thing about giving a lucky woman the sexual experience of her life by giving her twice the men to enjoy. I had absolutely NO intention of getting any sort of gay action going with the male in the MF couple, but we’ll get to that complication a little later in this review.



To start off, the front splash page at EroticLove is just awesome. It’s got a super hot model as your personal tour guide through the initial free membership process. She starts off in her black bikini, but the further through the profile creation you go, the more nude she gets. And, as you can imagine, they hired a woman who looks really good naked for the job of virtual tour guide!

You go through the sign-up process telling the system who you are, where you live, what sexual orientation you are, and what you’re looking for with the site. Normally I would have focused on just single women, but in this case, I also wanted to pursue those threesomes I mentioned earlier, so I made sure to click on the M/F and F/F couples when it asked me who I was interested in seeing.


Once I finished my free membership, I was given free range to look around the site. The free option on EroticLove isn’t all inclusive, but it does let you take a gander at all its features, although you can’t use them. You can begin looking through other people’s profiles and start to email potential hook ups. To receive their email responses, you have to choose one of the two paid membership options. But this is par for the course for most quality sex dating sites.


I wasn’t sure which of the two membership options I would choose, since I wasn’t sure which features of the site I would realistically use in my month long evaluation. I read the breakdown of the two membership options (Silver and Gold), and ultimately decided to get the Gold Membership. Here’s how the two options differ from one another:


Silver Membership:

  • 100 Day Get Lucky or Your Money Back Guarantee
  • Send and Receive unlimited emails

Gold Membership:

  • All Silver Membership Features
  • Unlimited Access to Group Discussion Boards
  • Unlimited Access to Online Forums
  • Unlimited Access to XXX Videos Section with thousands of adult movies
  • Unlimited Access to Members’ personal videos section with thousands of amateur videos featuring the members themselves


I figured that since the month long gold membership was only five bucks more expensive than the silver, and it got me all that extra stuff, I’d throw in the extra dough. Plus, it would mean a more thorough review for you, my intrepid online friend. Here’s the exact pricing breakdown of the membership options on EroticLove:

3 Days1 Month3 Months1Year
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/Month$19.98/Month
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/Month$23.32/Month$12.50/Month

Once I had access to the who site, I felt like a kid in a candy store that first night. I went wild emailing women and couples I thought were attractive and had a great time looking through both the members’ videos and xxx videos on the site. I threw my two cents into a bunch of group discussions and even had a bit of an online dust up with a female member on the online forum. I won’t get into the lurid details of our disagreement, but in the end we simply agreed to disagree, and send each other some semi-nude pics of each other. Nothing like a little skin to help you forget you’re mad at a girl!

Anywho, over the whole month, here are the details of my successes:

Total emails sent out to women and couples: 93

Total emails received from those women and couples: 61

Total emails received from independent women and couples: 13

Dates made over the month (with 1 woman): 19

Dates made over the month (with 2 women for a threesome): 0

Dates made over the month (with a M/F couple for a threesome): 2


So, as you can see I had great success using EroticLove. Nineteen different women had hot one night stands with me (although sometimes I scheduled two in the same day). I also managed to hook up with two M/F couples for a duo of devil’s threesomes. Both experiences were amazing. One was a married couple that had been together since high school who were looking for some new kinks to explore, and the other was a young couple with very open minds. I highly recommend this type of activity to everyone. Keep it respectful and fun, and it is awesome!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hook up the threesome with two women, although I did have some nibbles. As you can imagine, this is a tough one to organize. However, there was one lesbian couple that seemed keen that I’m still in negotiations with. so, the ending to this story has yet to be written.

Anyway, long story short, for the money, I found EroticLove to be a thoroughly excellent site. A-.

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