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Free initial profile to look around the site and contact other members. Reasonable upgrade prices. Gorgeous web design and plenty of features (webcam, e-chat, forums, etc.)


A new-ish adult dating website that doesn't boast the numbers of bigger, more established sites. However, the flip-side of that coin is that there are fewer empty memberships like at the more established sites.
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EroticMatch is a well-priced adult dating site that has a good, legit membership full of people looking for casual sex. Quality site with free initial membership to let you look around and see if you like it.

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EroticSearch Review

Let’s talk statistics, people. That’s my speciality, and it’s the best indicator for you to know where to head on your online dating adventure. Since this is an EroticSearch review, the stats I want to focus on are actual profiles on it and other leading adult dating sites. Since EroticSearch is a new entry on the scene, the best part about this website is the fact that there hasn’t been enough time for it to amass a bunch of empty profiles. By “empty”, I mean profiles that may have once been active, but haven’t had any activity in more than a year. So despite a site like constantly saying they’ve got a membership of more than 15 million people, statistically, more than 3/4 of those are either empty profiles, completely fraudulent profiles (created to inflate their numbers), or straight-up prostitutes looking for new clients.



Conversely, EroticSearch has a legit membership that is more than 99%. That means that when you send a message to someone, you’re likely to get a response. And unlike the prostitutes on other sites, the people on EroticSearch want to have sex, but with no cost or commitment! I went through the free sign-up process at EroticSearch which allowed me too look around at all the people on the site, and all its specialities. The most immediate and enjoyable thing this site has going for it is that you can sign up free and begin contacting people for sex dates. This alone can give you a good idea if the site is something that you think you could use and offer what you’re looking for.

I put out about 50 emails to local women with my free membership over the first four nights I surfed the site. I basically looked for women that I found attractive in their profile pics, and who were interesting or funny in their information section of their profile. Starting almost immediately after I started sending out the emails, I began getting responses, but to read those, I needed to upgrade to either EroticSearch’s Silver or Gold Membership. This is par-for-the-course, having tried many sex dating sites in my research, so I signed up for the three-day gold membership. EroticSearch is by far one of the most reasonably priced adult dating sites out there. Its year-long gold membership comes in at $12.50 a month, whereas a similar membership at HornyMatches costs a whopping $42.29 a month.

3 Days1 Month3 Months1Year
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/Month$19.98/Month
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/Month$23.32/Month$12.50/Month


Once I upgraded, EroticSearch also had features to connect me to other members like e-chatting, instant messaging, webcam, public and private chat areas, and message boards. The interface is very good, and the design of the site is a pleasure to look at. There aren’t a ton of pop-ups and side-windows filled with ads to get you to click away. They know you’re there to meet other horny people for casual sex, so they’ve built a site to facilitate that, pure and simple.

After the 3-Day Membership was paid for, I started reading the responses from the women. Some were incredibly hot, and this was just dirty talk! All told, over the first three days, I got responses from about 80% of the 50 women I contacted, and made dates with 10 of them over the next few weeks. In fact, one of the women was so horny and excited to hook up that we got together that night. Not to kiss and tell, but it was everything you’d expect a casual sex rendezvous to have. Amazing. When I got home I was exhausted, but I  immediately extended my gold membership to the 3 month choice, knowing that this site would warrant a more thorough examination :)


Statistically, a full one-third of women that use regular online dating end up having sex on the first date. A site like EroticSearch ups the ante by bringing you all the people that want to forego the rigamarole of the committed relationship and focus on the fun of no-strings-attached hook-ups.

Over the next month, I sent out emails and invitations to exactly 122 women. I got responses from 71 of those, although not all 71 wanted to get together straight-away. Some still wanted to flirt a bit on the email, webchat a bit, or send some more pics of each other to ensure that we were giving an honest appraisal of each other. Apparently a lot of these women were tired of getting burned by setting up dates with guys whose pictures they found attractive, only to discover the guys were using their yearbook photo from ten years earlier. A good trick, but ultimately doomed to disappoint once you show up for the date.

Of the 71 women that responded, I managed to get a sex date with 30 of them. That’s 30 different women wanting sex with me in one month. If it were February (it wasn’t), that’d be more than a woman a day! As it was, I booked all my dates through the weekends, and the weeknights that the women and I had free in common. It was a fantastic month. Full disclosure, there were a half-dozen dates where we met at a coffee shop, and either the woman or I decided to bail. It happens, but don’t let it get you down. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

The stand-out date of the month had to be the threesome I was invited into. It was a married couple looking to have some fun with a third man. The guy and I never touched – we were both there for the wife. In a word: INCREDIBLE! Definitely something I will try again. And again!


So, all told, I find EroticSearch to be a killer sex dating site for people tired of striking out at the huge adult dating sites because of their inflated numbers and empty membership profiles. The cost is very reasonable, and the site is well-designed and has impressive features.

In one month, here are my numbers:

122 women contacted. 71 responded. 30 dates. 24 home runs. 1 threesome.

Highly recommended!





EroticSearch Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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