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It's free. It's got a good membership base. The extras (articles, blogs, tips) are excellent for online daters.


It's a relatively new site, which means less membership than some of the more established sites. However, that also means less fake or abandoned profiles.
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FindLove is a free, fantastic online dating site filled with plenty of singles. Additionally, it has got tons of features to read and information to help you in the dating scene. Highly recommended.

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FindLove Review

I was really looking forward to giving FindLove a full-out, legitimate try for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a new online dating site, which means that it is still in its very pure state. It hasn’t been through that tough sophomore period where they try to emulate other sites yet  – they’re still trying to do their own thing and bring something unique to the table. Second, since it’s a new site, the normal troubles that I have to deal with when I try a dating site (like negotiating through a bunch of fake and empty profiles) aren’t there.

Statistically, fake and empty accounts comprise more than 70% of a site like eHarmony or LavaLife.  So, while they boast large memberships, it’s actually newer sites like FindLove that have more legit, active members. Plus, most sites that have been around for a while are filled with prostitutes looking for clients to add to their roster. This is just annoying and a waste of time for people like me who are looking for other singles in town. Secondly, FindLove is absolutely free, which means that there is no limitation on my activity using the site. Normally with dating sites, you have to pay to play, so your interaction with other members will be predicated on how many tokens, or whatever, the site requires you to buy. With FindLove, I can spend as much time talking to as many people as I want. From a numbers standpoint, that means I cast a wider net, which will guarantee a better result for my efforts.


Signing up was easy, although the profile process is very comprehensive. This seemed tedious at the get-go, since I’d rather be surfing through local singles rather than describing myself in such detail, but i did myself a favor and was honest and thorough as I could. The reasons are threefold. Primarily, I know that the more accurate I was in describing yourself, the better the site will be at suggesting possible matches to me. Secondly, if I am honest about what I’m after, then the people that read my profile will know whether or not I’m what they’re looking for too. If I am dishonest about what I want, nobody wins. Lastly, by thoroughly filling out the profile information at the get-go, I won’t have to go back later on and edit my profile again and again as I try to figure out why the matches I’m ending up with are not my cup of tea. Do it right the first time, as every father told every child since the beginning of time.


Even beyond the great design of the site, and the impressive amount of members they’ve already got, FindLove is a really good site because of its peripheral elements. There are dating tips (which are always helpful for seasoned and new online daters alike), articles, a love advice section, and even a few helpful pieces on break-ups. Whether you’re the dumper or dumpee, FindLove wants you to get through it smoothly, and onto your next relationship. Of course, with a site like this, the best advice they can honestly give you is that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Thankfully, this is a site that can help you spread that net nice and wide!

Here’s the deets on my experience with the site, broken down into numbers:

Day 1 – Set up my profile in about a half an hour, and then started looking through the ladies’ profiles in my area. I sent ten emails out to ten lovely ladies that I thought were interesting and attractive.

Day 2 – Received 7 responses from the 10 women I contacted. Set up 4 dates, two of which were that night! Did some more surfing before the first date, contacted 8 more women.

Day 3 – Received 5 responses from Day 2 emails. Set up 4 dates. Went on two dates that night with one girl from Day 2, and one from Day 3.

Day 4 – Went on one date with one girl from Day 3. Did some more surfing, contacted 5 more women.

Day 5 – Responses from 2 women from Day 4. Went on one date with one girl from Day 2.

Day 6 – Went on one date with a girl from Day 4. Sent out three more email to women.

Day 7  – One response from Day 6 email

So, overall I can give this honest appraisal of FindLove: it works! Almost 90% of the women I emailed responded within two days, and of those, 80% wanted to get together for a casual date. I usually just picked a coffee shop or a park. The women that I met up with were all very similar to their profile pics, which is a nice thing, since sometimes people put up pics that are from many years ago, or conveniently cut off their most unflattering physical attribute. Not so with these girls – what you saw is what you got.

They were all friendly, and honestly interested in meeting people for a possible serious relationship. I’d say that out of all the women I went out on first dates with, I’ll probably ask four on second dates. In terms of meeting women in just one week, this is a very successful percentage. If I can meet four quality women in one week every week, then it’s not going to be long before I find a select few that could turn into something more intimate and monogamous.

So, in conclusion, FindLove is definitely worth trying if you’re honestly looking for new people to date. The people on there are legit, and based on my experience, accurately reflect their profile info and pictures. The fact that it’s free and filled with so many people already is a good indication of its quality. But if I can give you one piece of advise, as I mentioned at the start of the review, it’s to really present yourself honestly in your profile. It’ll save you time and ensure higher-quality results from the site.

Now get out there and start saying hello!

FindLove Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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