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Fun original concept for matching. Great for finding someone with a similar look to you.


Not much info inside the profiles. Except for appearance, there isn't much that you'll find that's similar with your matches.
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Free dating site. Interesting matching concept but little else to work from. Not recommended.

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Do you find it exhausting to always have to bring a mirror around with you, asking you dates to hold it up so that you can feel like you’re perpetually dating yourself? Thankfully, FindYourFacemate seems to have the solution for the narcissist in all of us. The principle of Find-Your-Facemate, that we’re attracted to people that look like us, has some degree of scientific credibility, perhaps having something to do with some Freudian desire to fuck our parents. The site offers a few articles about the science behind their face matching as well as some anecdotal evidence of celebrity couples that have a certain similar look to them. findyourfacemate

The idea that our perfect match is already spelled out in our faces certainly is intriguing, perhaps even revolutionary for the future of online dating. I figured I’d give it  a whirl and see how my own face sized up amongst the array of other singles on this site. Would I find them extra attractive, since it would be like I was staring back at myself when I looked at them?

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I’m in no way a stranger to the world of online dating. I’ve had some great success finding dates on sites like FindLove which have brought me some great times. The one thing that’s been missing about sites like that though is that I’ve never had much success finding a partner that looks just like me. And, if the science about face matching has something to it, maybe that’s really all it’s about anyhow.

findyourFacemateRight away I found that the account creation was smooth and simple. Accounts are free, which is always a bonus. They are pretty specific as to what sort of picture they allow however, only head-on shots and with nothing that obscures the face in any way. After entering some basic info and uploading a photo which satisfied them, I had a working account and I was ready to meet some other singles in my area that look just like me.

It didn’t take too long before whatever face recognition program that the site uses found some matches for me. I have to say I was impressed with the amount of possible matches that they found for me — over a hundred in the first few minutes! I could see how all of the faces had a slight resemblance to my own face. I was afraid that there might be a racist component to this site — that they would assume that I would only be interested in dating someone of my own race. Thankfully this wasn’t the case as the technology that they use seems to ignore skin color just like it seems to ignore arbitrary things like hairstyles and accessories and focusses merely on proportions and the general layout and spacing of one’s facial features and head shape.

This is great, I thought. All of these singles in my area that look just (or just sort of) like me and are ready to date! After examining the profiles a bit more carefully, however I realized just how many fake ones seem to prevail across the site. Not only that, but even the profiles that look like they might be real have remarkably little information about them. Besides matching people up with clever face matches there doesn’t seem to be much else that Find-Your-Facemate  considers important for making a good match. There’s certainly a few more fields in the profile that are optional to provide one word answers about one’s age or religion or education level, but I had to wonder, how likely would it be that I’d have a date with my doppelganger who it would turn out that I had nothing in common with this person.

The design of the site is pretty basic. Granted there’s only so much that you can expect from a free site like this. Everything is either white or rose. It’s a bit sparse on the looks of things which doesn’t do anything to help the relative lack of content that are left in the profiles. Your average profile on Find-Your-Facemate gives you very little to work with besides what’s all too often just a blurry snapshot of someone who, if nothing else, will look something like you, even if you have nothing else in common.findyourfacemate screenshot

Not to be too discouraged by the scant info on my prospective lookalike date, I started messaging some people right away. I figured I’d give the site a good month of tries, hopefully a month in which every date that I go on will feel like I was staring into a mirror. Since the site gave me over a hundred matches almost immediately, all looking like me in often weird and unexpected ways, I figured it could hurt to send messages to as many as possible in order to redeem the most success. I sent out about 70 or so messages to all of my local single doppelgangers and got about 40 responses back. Those 40 responses led to about 12 dates and another 10 to 15 maybes that may wind up being dates sometime in the future.

On those few dates that I went on, I noticed that the vagueness of the profiles on the site have become a liability to my experience. Most of the time we wound up talking over coffee about how much we looked alike and how funny the concept of Find-Your-Facemate. By and large we found that we didn’t have all that much else in common. A lot of people seemed to have signed up on a lark, just to see if they could find a partner that looked sort of like them. A couple of my dates didn’t really share any resemblance at all and I had to wonder about the strength of the technology that matched us up. A few others looked so much like me that I felt like I was on a date with my cousin or something, which really just gave me the skeevies. Maybe I’m an outlier to the science, but I don’t think that I’d like to date my lookalike.

After exploring the site some more, it looks like my misgivings weren’t entirely unfounded. The founder of the site explained in a video interview available on the front page how she got the idea for FindYourFacemate from her experience with an ex-boyfriend who looked a lot like her. But from everything else she says about that relationship, it doesn’t sound all that good. Maybe the whole idea of dating your lookalike is exactly the wrong approach. From now on, I’m just going to look for dates amongst people that look absolutely nothing like me.

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