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Reasonable monthly and yearly prices. Large member base. Lots of great site features.


Free membership is limited. Upgrade to silver or gold membership necessary for full site functionality.
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The bottom line is that bottom or top, this is one of the best online gay sex dating sites out there right now. Competitive prices, huge member...ship, and gorgeous site design.

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ManPlay Review


When I decided to give ManPlay a thorough review, since I’m not gay, I decided to again enlist the help of my homosexual cousin Bruce. He’s the one I asked to give me his field results with my ManAction review, and he was great. He was so happy with that project, it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get him to agree to a month-long experiment with ManPlay since I was footing the membership bill again, and he has really gotten into casual sex dating since the last experiment. He used to be the kind of guy that would get really upset after a break up and brood until his next committed relationship. The ManAction experiment showed him that casual sex dating is a much more fun way to spend your time off from monogamy.


I went over to Bruce’s house and we talked about what the parameters of the review would entail, and I left him to it. After thirty days and almost no contact, Bruce came over to my place looking extremely happy, exhausted, and thoroughly well-sexed. He gave me all his notes, data, and a few rather steamy anecdotes about his more incredible experiences. I’m going to put his information into my words for this review, but you can rest assured that the numbers have not been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Bruce started out checking out ManPlay with its free introductory membership. With it, he could look around the site and see all its features. While he couldn’t access many of the features without upgrading to the paid memberships, he could surf through the local guys’ profiles in his area and begin contacting them through ManPlay’s email feature. He began getting responses right away, but to read them, he had to get one of the paid memberships. There are two kinds of paid memberships at ManPlay, the Silver and Gold, and since I was footing the bill, he decided to go for the month-long Gold membership. Here’s the breakdown of pricing for all the options ManPlay gives:

3 Days1 Month3 Months1Year
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/Month$19.98/Month
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/Month$23.32/Month$12.50/Month

If you’re not sure whether the site is for you, your best bet is to get the 3-Day Gold Membership. It’s the same price as the 3-Day Silver Membership ($1.95), and will give you full site functionality to experiment and assess whether you’re interested in committing to the month long or year long option. If you are wondering what the difference between the Silver and Gold Memberships are (besides price), the Silver Membership gives you access to the 100 Day Get Laid or Your Money Back Guarantee, emails, and e-messaging. The Gold Membership includes all the features of the Silver Membership, plus web chat, and access to members’ uploaded videos. From what Bruce tells me, the members’ videos section is incredibly hot for two reasons. First because the action is all amateur and insanely sexy. Second, because the people you’re watching in those videos are the ones you’re contacting for dates. You get to see what kind of sexual skill they have, and that’s never a bad thing when choosing who to set up rendezvous with.


So, once Bruce had his full site functionality, he began receiving and sending out more emails to various hunks looking to hook up. Here are his numbers, from his ManPlay dating journal:

Emails sent over one month: 87

Responses: 61

Unsolicited emails received: 49

Total dates scheduled: 19

Successful dates: 16

No-shows or cancellations: 3

All in all, that means for the one month, Bruce had very good results based on his effort and time. At almost four dates a week, obviously he succeeded in meeting and connecting with plenty of dudes looking for some no-strings attached fun. He spent about 1-1.5 hours each night on the site chatting and building up report with his potential dates. He notes in his journal that  about 70% of the guys he hooked up with weren’t into emailing or chatting at all. They just wanted the sex, straight-up. On the other hand, about 30% of the guys he ended up rendezvousing with needed more than just a mutually-acceptable time to get together. They wanted more of a getting to know you time before they hooked up. Bruce didn’t mind this at all, since he says it allowed for a lot of flirting and dirty talking on the emails and web chat, building up the anticipation for the date.



As he was getting near the end of the month, Bruce also noted that some of the especially hot one nighters he had with local gay men in his area would start to contact him again, looking for a second date together. Since he knew that I was looking for data in terms of unique hook ups, he never got together with any guy twice, but felt it was pertinent to point out that this sort of sex dating inevitably leads to a certain amount of go-to booty calls with especially compatible sex partners. I’ve had the same experience when I used various sex dating sites, like SocialSex.


When I asked Bruce whether ManPlay would be the sort of site he would continue to use if he had to pay for it himself, he gave a very enthusiastic yes. In fact, as his month membership was nearing its end, he decided to go ahead and get himself the year long gold membership. He happily told me that paying just $12.50 a month for all that casual sex was a pittance compared to the pleasure. When I asked him if he thought he’d be a ManPlay member for the rest of his days, he said probably not. After all, he still wants to meet Mr. Right, but until he does, he’s happy to keep busy with endless sexy times. Plus, he remarked, after a year, he’d probably have a stable of so many go to booty calls that he wouldn’t need the site anymore. Good points all.

So, based on his results and permanent smile, I give ManPlay, on Bruce’s behalf, a solid A.


ManPlay Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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