SexSearch Review

SexSearch Review   As you may surmise from the name of my website, the reviews I do for sex dating sites are based on the numbers, as well as other factors. While there are some elements of an adult dating site that aren’t really quantifiable with numbers (like how attractive its design is, or how [...]

LoveFlutter Review

LoveFlutter Review LoveFlutter is a brand new online dating website that believes that the first and foremost thing a pair of singles needs when they meet up for their first couple of dates is something in common. (Not that it should come as much of a surprise. After all, anyone that has dated for more [...]

eHarmony Review

eHarmony Review   I was really looking forward to trying out eHarmony for a couple of reasons. First, because it it the big-daddy of all the online dating sites out there, boasting more members than almost any other site. And second, because I had to know what these “dimensions of compatibility” were, and whether they [...]


SocialSex Review

SocialSex Review   When I review a sex dating site, sometimes the process can be a treat, and sometimes it can be pretty taxing. I’m happy to say that from start to finish, analyzing SocialSex was a pleasure. Although it looks like the birds on their iconography are having just as great a time as [...]

AdultFriendFinder Review

AdultFriendFinder Review   This past month I have been trying out one of the first and most popular adult dating sites on the web at the moment: AdultFriendFinder. While some of the reviews I’ve done for this site have been headaches, I’ll admit I was looking forward to critically examining and using this site in [...]


MeetAt6 Review

MeetAt6 Review Even though it seems a little bossy in its name (after all, why do I have to meet at 6? What if I have to work until 6:30?), I was looking forward to giving MeetAt6 a try because a few of the online tidbits I had read about the site were pretty interesting. [...]

CupidWithFriends Review

CupidWithFriends Review   CupidWithFriends is a new dating site on the web, and like many other new upstart sites, is trying something new with online dating to see if they can build a better mousetrap. Unfortunately, this mousetrap specializes in snapping on your fingers instead of catching mice. Unless you’ve got some very boring or [...]

ThreeDayRule Review

ThreeDayRule Review I always look forward to trying out a new dating site that comes on the scene. After you’ve tried so many of the more established sites, you get into a zone where everything seems to seem to follow the same pattern. When I heard about ThreeDayRule, and about how they plan to revolutionize [...]


EroticSearch Review

EroticSearch Review Let’s talk statistics, people. That’s my speciality, and it’s the best indicator for you to know where to head on your online dating adventure. Since this is an EroticSearch review, the stats I want to focus on are actual profiles on it and other leading adult dating sites. Since EroticSearch is a new [...]

FindLove Review

FindLove Review I was really looking forward to giving FindLove a full-out, legitimate try for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a new online dating site, which means that it is still in its very pure state. It hasn’t been through that tough sophomore period where they try to emulate other sites yet  – they’re [...]

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