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Huge membership. Good pricing. Slick interface.


Initial profile creation is time consuming.
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Free initial profile. Large membership and reasonably priced. IOS and Android accessible. Highly recommended.

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SocialSex Review


When I review a sex dating site, sometimes the process can be a treat, and sometimes it can be pretty taxing. I’m happy to say that from start to finish, analyzing SocialSex was a pleasure. Although it looks like the birds on their iconography are having just as great a time as I did!


This site was pure quality from beginning to end. It’s got the same free start-up membership that most of the other big sex dating sites have these days, which lets you take a tour around and see what sort of people are using the site, and what kind of features it has.

As I began entering my basic personal preferences and what I was looking for using the site (letting them know I am a man looking for sex dating with women, but also open to encounters with couples that are man/woman or woman/woman), a beautiful blonde virtual model began taking me through each stage step by step. This gorgeous tour guide was hot in her initial lingerie get up, but with each subsequent phase of the free membership, she gets more and more naked. My guess is that she’s not actually a member on the site, but it was still an amazing piece of eye candy to enjoy during sign-up. You don’t get this at the other big sex dating sites, so SocialSex got big bonus points from me right off the bat.

I should warn you, though – the site is so slick and well-designed that you can easily get lost just watching the beautiful models they have around the site and guiding you through your profile creation. Some of the pics they’ve chosen to represent different categories are just hilarious. Whoever they got to design this site should get a raise!


Once I created my profile and forced myself to stop drooling over the naked tour guide, I started looking through local women’s profiles. I started with one basic criteria: were they sexy? After choosing about fifteen gorgeous ladies in my city, I began emailing them with just a basic, “Hello” message to see if they’d be interested in seeing if we’d both be into a rendezvous. With SocialSex, after you’ve contacted members with the email and looked around, you’ve gone about as far as you can with the free membership. To receive the responses you’ll get back from the people you contacted, you’ll have to upgrade to one of two classes of memberships which SocialSex offers. The “silver” membership gives you moderate access to the site’s features, and the gold membership gives you full access. The costs break down like this:

3 Days1 Month3 Months1Year
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/Month$19.98/Month
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/Month$23.32/Month$12.50/Month

Both paid memberships offer a 100-Day Guarantee that says if you haven’t gotten any action in a little over three months, you get your money back, no questions asked. I can safely say that if you use this site for just a few minutes each day, this will not ever be an issue, but it’s a comfort knowing they’ve given you the sexual safety net, as it were. Excellent feature that not a lot of sex dating site would even consider offering.



When it comes down to price, paying $12.50 a month by purchasing the year-long gold membership is a steal considering the amount of opportunity this site will garner for you. Factoring how much it costs to go out every weekend and try to meet people at the pubs and dance-clubs, it’s a no-brainer.

Most people by now know that online dating is the most effective and efficient way to meet other horny people looking for casual sex, but this $12.50 price-tag really emphasizes that point, especially considering the features and money-back guarantee the site offers.

Since I was doing only a month-long analysis of SocialSex, I only purchased the month-long gold membership, which got me instant access to all their features like: unlimited e-chat, insta-messaging, and webcam, e-mails, group forums, discussion boards, and members’ videos.

There was also a section of almost unlimited, free XXX movies available to me, but I was more interested in getting the real thing, so I avoided that area altogether. Knowing myself and most guys, i suggest leaving that area alone until you’ve done some work contacting actual women, otherwise you’ll probably end up having some self-pleasuring fun and fall asleep without getting out of the site what you’re actually there for. Casual sex with local, horny women!



Over the month, here are the figures for my success vs effort:

Week 1:

Contacted 28 women. Received 22 responses. Set up 5 sex dates. Had full-on sex on 3 sex dates. Oral sex on remaining 2 sex dates.

Week 2:

Contacted 23 women. Received 19 responses. Set up 8 sex dates. Had full-on sex on 5 sex dates. Oral sex on 1 sex date. Two girls rescheduled.

Week 3:

Contacted 15 women. Received 10 responses. Set up 5 sex dates, one of which was with a M/F married couple. Full-on sex with 2 women and 1 couple. 2 cancellations.

Week 4:

Contacted 5 new women, and 3 women from previous weeks. Sex dates with 4 new women, and 3 women from previous weeks. Full-on sex with 6 women. One cancellation.

So, in total, I sent out 71 emails, got responses from 56. Of the 56 women that responded, I got dates with 25, 20 of which ended up getting me oral sex or full-on sex. In one month, this is a very high return on investment and time! One thing I will say about sex dating is that once you’ve had sex with someone and it goes well, they become a go-to booty call. Instead of needing to find, meet, and date someone new, you’ve now got all the leg work covered, and just go straight to the sex. This is a great benefit few people consider when they start sex dating.

Overall, I have to say that this site, with its combination of low cost memberships, multiple features, free sign-up, money-back guarantee, and great web design, is definitely one of the best I have ever reviewed.  Plus, now I’ve got a half-dozen booty calls that I can call whenever I want!

Highly recommended. A-



SocialSex Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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