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All around great new hook-up site. Great interface, great friends.


You might have some trouble finding some of the friends that you already have, but there are plenty of new people to make friends with.
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A great site to make new friends that want to hook up, or maybe even connect with friends that you already have!

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If there’s anything that you may know about me by now, it’s that I like to have sex. I’m such a fan of having sex that I’ll have sex with just about anyone there is. Now, you may also think that a guy like me can’t have that many friends, what’s with my penchant for fucking everything out there. Well, the fact of the matter is, I have lots and lots of friends. I’m probably the most popular guy around! Of course I always try to get my friends to have sex with me, and unfortunately for me, they never seem to want to. Well, maybe it’s about time that I make some new friends. It looks like the my wait is over since there’s a great new adult dating site, that promises to make my friend fucking dreams come true!


I signed up for UBangWithFriends with the plan to find a date that might be into trying something kind of new and exciting. I thought that maybe it would set me up with some of my existing friends at first. I’d like to brag a little bit and maybe send out a few props to some of my friends; some of my friends are some of the hottest people I’ve ever met, and I for one would sure love to bang them. I figured that UBangWithFriends might just be the perfect vehicle to set that up. I don’t hesitate to sign up for UBangWithFriends in the hopes that some of my friends will be on there (I’m thinking about you, Sharon). Well, imagine my chagrin when I can’t find a single one of my friends on the site.



Let’s start right away with some of the problems with UBangWithFriends. I was pretty disappointed that none of my friends were actually on the site. Sure, the sign up process was smooth and easy, the membership has some amazing features, and there’s a database of literally millions of gorgeous singles who are ready to meet you, but where on the site are my friends? Well, perhaps I was being a little naive, I can’t expect that a site like this would be necessarily tailor made for me, though that would be awfully nice. I had to get over this to get to what was actually good about the site.


So I couldn’t find any of my existing friends on UBangWithFriends, but I did take the plunge and buy myself a membership and started sending out some emails to a few gorgeous looking ladies in my area who I might want to meet. It’s true that these people were strangers at first, but what I found out about UBangWithFriends that was so exciting, was that the people on the site that I met and had dates with turned out to be extremely friendly and not only were they interested in having some hot sex, but also they were willing to maybe stay friends with me, so maybe I was actually going to have an opportunity to bang some friends after all! My experience with UBangWithFriends is looking up.


3 Days1 Month3 Months1Year
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/Month$19.98/Month
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/Month$23.32/Month$12.50/Month

ubangwithfriends-profilesHow can anyone really put a price on banging your friends? I have to say that I found UBangWithFriends to be extremely affordable for the service it provided. There are two different kinds of membership that they offer and both are excellent.

The Silver Membership package gives you the power to do custom searches from among all of the millions of members on the site for any physical feature that you might be looking for, or for any particular sexual preference that you might want to pursue. You can also send and receive emails from all of the members on the site.

The Gold Membership, however, is like the Silver Membership but even more amazing. Not only can you do all of the things that a Silver Membership provides, but also you have instant messaging capabilities so that you can set up dates even faster than before. You also have exclusive access to UBangWithFriends Gold Room. In the Gold Room, you get some great deals for products and services that will enhance your dating life immensely, reviews and articles by dating experts, and literally thousands of hours of amazing hard core porn videos! Why would you want so much porn on a dating site, you may ask? Well I find that it can be a great source of inspiration and ideas for when I do meet up with these hot singles. By the way, all of these amazing features in the Gold Membership is only five dollars more than the Silver Membership.

Of course, UBangWithFriends understands that occasionally the online dating scene can be a tough and competitive place. Thankfully UBangWithFriends has minimized the risk for you by offering a “3 Month Get-Laid Guarantee”, in which you will get a full refund if you were unable to procure a date with UBangWithFriends in the first three months of using the site. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

 Bottom Line

So I’ve been using UBangWithFriends for a while now, and I’ve had some amazing sex, as well as made some great new friends. I was definitely impressed with the caliber of singles on the site. After a few months I still couldn’t complain too much, but I was still hoping to find one of my old friends on the site to hopefully set up a hot date with one of them. Well lets just say that not long after I had resigned myself to not finding any of my friends on the site, I found a familiar looking face on one of the local profiles. It looks like my gorgeous friend Sharon signed up for the site not too long after me and I just hadn’t noticed. I didn’t waste another moment to send her an email and suggest a date! All I can safely say is that Sharon and I had some great times together, and we’ll leave it at that!

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