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Slick design and great prices for memberships. Very few fake, abandoned, or prostitute profiles.


New site, so membership still growing.
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New kid on the block. Fantastic look, prices, and already a huge membership. Worth a try!

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XXXConnect Review


I’m always happy when there’s a new online dating site that I get to review. I get a chance to look around and try their sex dating incarnation before it’s been online too long and been sullied. That’s why I was excited to get onto XXXConnect. It’s the new adult dating site that already has quite a bit of momentum behind it, despite being so new.



Now, you might wonder what I mean when I say that some established sex dating websites have been “sullied” by being around for so long. Well, let me explain. If you take a look at a site like AdultFriendFinder, which I reviewed a little while back, it’s a great example of a site that has been thoroughly sullied, in my opinion. You see, despite boasting millions and millions of members, what it doesn’t tell you is that the majority of those profiles are either abandoned, or fake, or whores trying to find new johns for their business. AdultFriendFinder doesn’t ever delete profiles that have been inactive for years, and has obvious robot-responses from fake members to keep unaware, legit people believing they are getting interest when they’re just being duped. Most of the actual, legit responses I got were from prostitutes, and that was not what I was looking for.

I should point out that AdultFriendFinder isn’t alone in this sullying. A good majority of the bigger sites out there have these problems, although there are some that avoid them. See my top-rated reviews to see which those are…

However, with a new site like XXXConnect, the site hasn’t had time to amass empty or fake profiles, nor have the whores infiltrated it. It’s still in its pure state, and the joys of using a site while it’s still a straight-up, legit member-filled sex dating tool is great.

The initial membership is free, and after getting a look around at the various local women in my area looking for some hot, no strings attached hook ups, I started sending out little basic emails to them. To receive their responses, and to access the rest of XXXConnect’s features I had to upgrade to one of their two paid membership options. Here are the prices for their options:

3 Days1 Month3 Months1Year
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/Month$19.98/Month
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/Month$23.32/Month$12.50/Month

Since I want to do a thorough job of using and reviewing the site, I went with the month-long Gold Membership. It’s only a few bucks more than the Silver option, and gave me unlimited access to everything the site has. The Silver membership is pretty basic, but it does give you unlimited emailing and XXXConnect’s 3-Month Guarantee, which says that if you don’t get some casual sex in the first 100 days of using the site, you get your money back, no questions asked. Although, based on my experience using this new site, even putting in just 20 minutes a day will get you at least two sex dates a week.

The Gold Membership that I bought got me the Silver Membership features as well as unlimited access to webcam functionality, members’ videos section, xxx videos section, insta-chatting, group discussion boards and public forums. It was great having the free xxx movies featuring hot porn studios, but even better was the members’ videos section. that’s where other amateur members put up solo or couples videos of themselves. So hot.

I also enjoyed reading through the forums and group discussion boards, because that was a great place to determine who the real freaky ladies were. After all, everyone’s profile gives you a good idea of their kinks and attitudes towards sex, but when they get really into a forum topic or discussion board, you really get insight into their sexual proclivities. And since I wanted to hook up with some real animals, that’s where I spent a good portion of my time on XXXConnect.





Don’t get me wrong – I also searched through profiles of women that the website itself suggested would be a good match for me, and the majority of them were outstanding. Here are the numbers I ended up with through the whole month. Bearing in mind, I spent on average, about forty minutes a night on the site.

  • Women contacted in one month through emails: 109
  • Women contacted in one month through forums and discussion groups: 33
  • Women that contacted me independently: 29
  • Women that responded to my emails or forum chats: 103
  • Women that were interested in setting up a sex date: 38
  • Women that committed to a first sex date: 31
  • Women that showed up for the date: 28 (two were no-shows, and one called in sick)

Of the 28 sex dates:

  • 18 resulted in sex
  • 5 resulted in just oral sex
  • 2 resulted in make-outs and heavy petting
  • 3 were a total bust

All things considered, it was a fantastic month of incredible, hot sex with a new woman almost every night. Of the 18 that went all the way with me, I’d say that probably three or four of them will be go-to booty calls that I will enjoy getting together with for the rest of my days. In fact, that’s one of the great things about sex dating sites. While you can always find a new conquest to enjoy for a one night stand, you’ll also invariably meet people who just click with you sexually. You and they will both want more of that connection, so you’ll have a fuck buddy for as long as you want them. Friends with benefits is definitely an undeniable benefit of using a site like XXXConnect.


However, I should say that you’ll also have dates that are total busts, like the three I had over the month long research I put into XXXConnect. This is usually because the person changes their mind in the middle of the date for one reason or another. One girl that I had a sex date with started crying before we had even gotten to second base, saying that she was just doing this to get back at her boyfriend because he cheated on her. So, we dried her tears, went and had a coffee and talked about her relationship, and then I went home and self-satisfied using the members’ videos page.

It’s win-win with a site like this, even if you don’t get all the action you’re expecting!

Great site: A-




XXXConnect Review, 1.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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