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One of the top questions asked by people getting serious on an adult dating site is do you have a favorite sex position? Everyone has their own opinions and the truth is that it depends on what you want most out of Sex. If your in the mood for a hard fuck then your more likely to want penetration and there’s several positions that offer that in abundance.

The favorite of the penetration positions is doggy style. It probably affords the man’s cock the deepest penetration and understandably that makes it a favorite not just for the men but for the ladies too. The problem with doggy style though is that although it satisfies the desire for dominance it doesn’t do much for intimacy. If a person wants intimacy and penetration they have to compromise. A closer and more drawn up modified doggy style provides the ideal compromise for those that want both penetration and intimacy. The man pulls the girl closer into almost a spooning position. Then with a slight shift in his posture from behind with his chest to her shoulder he can achieve both. He’s able to slide deep inside his girl but also afford himself the opportunity to kiss her shoulder and arm as well as her lips. With a slight turn of the woman he can also even kiss and suck the breasts.

Sex positions

Unfortunately this position demands a touch more flexibility with the man in that in order to maintain the penetration he has to retain his posture and move the hips considerably. This is at odds with the full doggy style in which the man is able to move his entire body back and forth. Another sex position that offers great compromise is the Indian style position. Both partners sit facing each other with their legs crossed around each others waist. This is an incredibly intimate position but does have the drawback of less flexibility in the pumping action. In the end it’s up to you and your partner and what pleases you most.

Penetration or intimacy?

Or a little of both?

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