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A recent adult dating report says the spices in our cupboards might be turning us on. I know you don’t believe me already, but apparently this particular report is based on research on years of years of controlled studies that looked at food and arousal. Here’s what they found:

Enhanced Sexual Performance:

Ginseng, Saffron and Yohimbine, a spice from a tree in West Africa, were all found to better sexual performance, as long as they were in consumed in the form of a potent extract. So, if you want to up your game in sex dating, stock up on these guys.

Enchanced Sexual Desire

Muira puama, a Brazilian flowering plan, and maca, a South American mustard plant, were both found to boost people’s libidos. Alcohol and chocolate did the same, but had down sides. As we all know, alcohol can destroy performance, and chocolate, well, researchers actually noted that the libido-boosting effect might actually be psychosomatic.

So, before you run out and break the bank by buying a bunch of saffron in the hopes it’s going to help your dating life, keep in mind that you must consume these products in highly potent extract form. You aren’t going to become a sex god just by sprinkling a bit of ginger on your rice.

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