Simple Phrases Women Say To Upset Men

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Men and women are fairly different when it comes to confrontation in their dating lives.  When women are upset at the opposite sex, they have many “subtle” ways of letting them know.  Men are not as dim as some women would like to believe.  Men know know women try sending subliminal messages to their brains so they can understand how they are wrong through passive-aggressive tactics.  Most time men ignore their girlfriends’ attempts at making them mad.  However, according to a recent online dating survey, there are nine words that send 85 percent of men into an angered fury.

Here are a list of phrases and subtexual meanings that make men upset the most.


This is a most common used word when a woman thinks she is right and wants her boyfriend/husband to shut the hell up.


If you hear this word, then ‘something’ is wrong.  Beware of this annoying phrase because fights that start out with ‘nothing’ usually end in ‘fine’ and a night’s sleep on the couch.

Five Minutes.”

If a woman says she will be ready in five minutes, she means twenty minutes or more.  Instead of getting upset about it, catch up on the sports game on television.  Trust me, you’ll have enough time to enjoy it.

“Oh Yeah?”

This phrase is like hearing ‘Go ahead.’ It’s a threat.  It’s usually uttered by a psycho girlfriend or a girlfriend who is going to hold back on giving you sex for a while.

An Exasperated Sigh

This sigh speaks volumes and what she is really saying is that you are an imbecile.  She is wondering how she got stuck with such a schmuck. This sigh is usually followed with the word, ‘nothing.’

Don’t Worry About it. Really.”

When a woman says this, she might as well have castrated you.  What she really means is that you are beneath her and she’s wondering why she is coupled up with a man that needs to grow up so he can take care of her.


This is a woman’s coup de grace.  You don’t need to know what she means.  She’s giving you the middle finger.  Plain and simple.


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