Spring is For Flinging

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It’s spring. I think. It’s still pretty cold where I live. Anyways, it will be spring soon, and spring is for mating. It’s for passion dating and sex dating and any other type of man meeting woman or woman meeting woman or man meeting man type process. Or whatever. This is the time of year when you are thrilled to be single, when you definitely don’t look at other couples with envy (or maybe you do, especially if the guy is super hot and you’d love to be rubbing your face in his six-pack.

This is the time of year when online dating gets easy. You don’t need a lot of money or creativity to have a good date. You can go for a walk in the park. You can do a picnic. You can have beers on a patio. You can show him your skills with sausage by firing up the BBQ on your rooftop patio. You can go to your neighborhood hipster pool together. Anything goes!

This is the time of year when you definitely shouldn’t limit yourself to dating one person, no matter how tempting. Keep your options open. You never know which one of those dudes you’re dating is going to have a beautiful cottage. Joking (Or am I?) No, but seriously, this is the season to take your time in deciding; when the leaves and the cold wind starts up again, you can make your serious decision.

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