The Best Baby-Making Sex Positions

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Are you finding it hard to get conceive a baby? Some people would consider this a blessing, but there are a lot women out there that endure drinking putrid teas, uncomfortable acupuncture sessions and death defying sex positions just to get pregnant.  However, did you know that getting pregnant is easier than you think?  A recent sex dating study showed that 71 percent of women who have fertility problems are more likely to conceive when performing simple baby-making sex positions on a regular basis.

After researching with other experts on adult dating, I have found out the proper tips and sex positions you need to learn and do to increase your chances of pregnancy.

Baby Making Do’s

-Missionary Position: Although this position is not the most exciting nor is it particularly orgasm worthy for women, it is the safest position for pregnancy as it allows deep penetration and places the sperm right to opening of the womb.

-Doggy Style: By being on all fours, it gives the sperm an easier path to the cervix. Let me tell you,  it won’t be hard to convince your lover to give it to you doggy style on a regular basis.

-Have Sex Early Evening: Forget what people say about the morning.  It is 35 times more likely to conceive between the hours of 5PM and 7PM as women are far more likely to ovulate during this period.

Relax For Half-An Hour: After intercourse, make sure to lie on your back and hold up your legs for half an hour. This simple act will help the sperm travel to your fallopian tubes at a faster rate.

Baby Making Don’ts

Woman on Top: By doing this position, you will be sending the sperm in the wrong direction.  Also avoid doing sideways, sitting and standing sex positions because the sperm will not travel to the cervix that way.

Fake Orgasms: Orgasms help push the sperm into your womb from the contractions.  Faking orgasms will only stall this process.




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