The Grass Isn’t Greener on the Other Booty Hill

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If the woman you have is lovely, and your relationship is solid, then my god, stay there. The grass is not greener on that other booty hill, trust me. Being with one woman is hard, indeed, relationships are the hardest thing we will ever do. But guess what? If you leave that good woman, you probably aren’t going to get anything better, except, possibly, a few rounds of mind-blowing sex. I’m all for mind blowing sex, but mind blowing sex is temporary. A good girl is for some time.

I got thinking about this because I recently read a brilliant post over on another blog about online dating on this very subject. In this post, this guy talks about how he was in a very solid relationship with his woman for a few years, when he suddenly landed the role of casting agent for a men’s magazine. Well, he started meeting, seeing and chilling with a wide variety of hotties on a regular basis and was, at first, slightly tempted to jump ship. Thing is, he was devoted and not entirely a dumb-ass, so he didn’t make any rash decisions. After he spent more time chilling with these girls, he realized, yes, they were madly beautiful on the outside, but they were all simply as fucked up, crazy, complicated, demanding and insane as any other women out there (or any other men out there, for that matter.) He came to the conclusion that the whole beauty of her face thing would get old, and he’d just be in another relationship with another complicated person who might not be as awesome as his current girl. And what about all that time and energy they’d invested in one another? And that was it -temptation over. He went home happy to his current woman every night. Learned to appreciate what he had.

I thought the sentiment was worth repeating. We forget this, often, don’t we? To appreciate good? What do you say?

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