Top 10 Unsexy Habits

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When dealing with the bad habits of the objects of our affection, it can be difficult to know how to approach your online date without offending them. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 most aggravating (but ultimately forgivable) sins:

1) Snoring
2) Messiness
3) Loud Eating
4) Hair Twirling and Hair Sucking
5) Fidgeting
6) Knuckle Cracking
7) Lip Licking
8) Nail Biting
9) Thumb Sucking
10) Nose Picking

Inevitably, when your looking for a relationship with someone, you are going to be annoyed by at least a couple of these, or other habits that plague your loved one. In most cases, this is the cost of dating someone you like. There is always a price to pay for all of the rest of the good stuff they’ve got going on. This is it. It is your job, if you would like to keep dating this person, to let it slide. In return, they will look the other way when it comes to your bad habits (not that you have any, right?). In some cases, as in smoking, gambling, drug use and alcoholism, these things extend into the “deal breaker” zone for many of us. Who wants to fuck a crackhead, anyway? These habits tend to move more into addiction than habit, and tend to have a more severe effect on the quality of life of the poor sap the addict is sex dating. As for that smacking noise he makes when he eats spaghetti, or the way she relentlessly twirls that curl behind her ear into submission; while they may raise your stress level, nobody’s perfect, but it’s our job to pretend each other is for our own peace of mind and the overall health of our relationships.

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