Top 7 Ways to Bring the Spark Back

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If you’re concerned that the spark in your relationship, (more specifically, in your sex life together) might blow out one day, here’s a simple thought; it will. But don’t worry. It will come back too, if you work at it.

1) Don’t smother your partner, but treat them with consideration.

2) Do nice things for them. Consider all of the things you want them to do for you and either do them for yourself, or ask for them directly from her.

3) Ask her what she wants. Listen to what she asks for, whether it’s fucking her to kingdom come or rubbing her feet after a long day.

4) Do your best to fulfill her needs

5) Explain to her clearly what you want

6) Share your day with each other

7) Rely on each other for support, but be careful not to lose your ability to do things for yourself

With the statistics divorce steadily increasing over the last couple of decades, it’s no mystery why people have delayed marriage. If you remember that you are both there to serve one another, and leave your ego out of it, you have a good chance of beating the odds. So many people get serious pre-maturely and end up bored, tired and lonely. A wise man once suggested the secret to a successful long term relationship is that both people in a couple give 80 percent (keep 20 for yourself) and only expect 50 percent in return. But it only works if both people give 80 and expect 50. Then you are always receiving more than you expect, as well as holding up your end of the bargain.

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