Twitter Users Fail at Long-Term Relationships

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Online Dating Study Suggests Twitter Users Have Inconsistent Adult Dating Lives

If you wondered why Kim Kardashian’s marriage and adult dating life is in shambles, her obsessive tweeting habits may be to blame.  According to a recent online dating study, frequent Twitter users have shorter relationships than other people due to cyber ADD, self-loving and media obsession.  Twitter promotes shrinking attention spans and it has been hindering romances worldwide.

Obsessive Tweeting Hinders Adult Dating Relationships

Obsessive tweeters might need to boycott their blackberries on dates, because their adult dating lives are suffering because of their inability to stop live-tweeting during dates and even during post-coital bliss.  Consistent tweeters seem to have bite-size relationships due to the fact that they can only fully commit to their social media networks and writing self-indulgent tweets all day long. Many participants in the study have revealed that they have been dumped because their Twitter obsessions turned off their significant others.

Online Dating Study Confirms Twitter Promotes ADD

The brand new online dating study suggests that Twitter promotes ADD which is why so many Twitter users fail at long-term relationships.  Considering we are living in a time where 140 character tweets replace hour long conversations on the phone, our attention spans are rapidly shrinking making it impossible for some Twitter users to embrace stability and long-term bliss with a partner. So if you are looking for a long-term connection with a partner, it’s best to say no to Twitter.


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