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It seems that everybody’s dating and sex lives are in competition with one another.  Most people are under the impression that a normal couple have 45 minute to an hour sex sessions and anything less than that is unacceptable.  I hate to burst anybody’s bubbles here, but sex is not the marathon everybody wishes it would be.  In fact, the average sex session is a lot shorter than you would think.

According to a recent online dating survey, the average lovemaking session lasts around 7.3 minutes.  In fact, most men find it hard (no pun intended) to last longer than that which may be a relieving statistic to some couples that think there is something wrong with their sex drives.

If your partner can only last under 10 minutes, there is nothing wrong with that.  Here are some sex tips for longer lasting love making.

Have Sex More Often

If you only have sex a few times a week, make sure to add more sessions.  After you have sex the first time, wait 20 minutes and go again.  Men will be able to last longer if you have sex more often.

Try Different Positions

Men tend to ejaculate quickly when they’re doing the same old routines.  Switch it up a bit from time to time! Try having sex on your sides.  The shallow thrusts will make for a longer sexual experience.

Take a Break when Having Sex

When having sex, take a break when the man is about to climax.  By taking short breaks, you will make the session last far longer than it would have if you didn’t.

Use Desensitizing Gel

There are many safe over the counter medications that help a man last longer. By using desensitizing gel, you will help your partner from premature ejaculation.

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