What if You’re Kind of Embarrassed of Your Date?

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Um, so, yeah – what if you’re kind of embarrassed about the woman you’re dating? This isn’t supposed to happen in online dating, is it? You are supposed to carefully vet everyone before you even agree to go on a date with them, aren’t you? Hmm. I don’t know how I found myself in this situation exactly.

I was attracted to her online personals profile because it said she read Tolstoy and Austen and Wharton, that she was into the Classics. I’m very into the Classics, too, being a nerdy romantic at heart. And then I saw her photos: she is gorgeous. Very, very beautiful. Big dark eyes and a face or caramel. Hair so yummy you want to roll naked in it.

However, she’s….quirky. She wears weird shit. And not in pursuit of some sort of aesthetic, she just wears weird shit for weird shit’s sake. Case in point: first date. She was wearing big winter boots with rainbows on them. Thick white tights. A green corduroy skirt. A black turtleneck. And a headband with a bow on it. Ughhhh, arrrrghhhh, blarrggggghhh. Why? She’s so pretty! She could just put on black pants and a black sweater and look like the sleekest, hottest kitty cat in any room! Instead she’s gotta go all rainbow-corduroy styles and distract the hell out of everybody.

Double blarggh. She also talks inordinately loud. People look over from their table when she talks, because she’s that loud. It’s cute in one way, because I can tell she does it because she is just so passionate about the topic at hand, but it’s also mortifying. I’m not into public attention, and she DEFINITELY gets public attention. What to do?! Am I superficial jack-ass?

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