Where Does Size Really Matter?

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There can be a lot of things to be self-conscious of when it comes to sexual performance and sexual desirability. Often men find themselves concerned that they might have been dealt a substandard set of tools, that they have unwittingly chosen the precision screwdriver over the power drill. It can be one of those ever prevalent worries once a man finishes puberty, a time in which most men graduate from the child-size model of genitalia to the full sized adult version. Of course that’s when many men start to worry that they might not have been endowed with as much depth and girth as they might have hoped for. There might be a fear that any other man might simply be blessed with a larger and stronger wand and as a result will necessarily be more sexually virile and more successful at scoring the ladies than they are. This common anxiety is the basis of a whole cottage industry of scammy tools, supplements, and techniques that so often make up the content of pop-up ads, trying to convince men that not only are their dicks substandard, but here is the magic cure to alleviate this problem.

Of course, there’s still that classic saying: “It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.” Many women when pressed on the issue will say that size doesn’t really matter to them. Do they really mean it? Maybe they hate the idea of appearing so shallow, that the mere size of one’s penis would be enough to satisfy them. Or maybe, as the above saying implies, they’re trying to counteract the direct emphasis on penis size and are trying to focus men more on improving their technique in actually pleasing them. There’s definitely a prejudice floating around that if you simply have a large cock, that you’ll be a great lover.

Well, it looks like I’m not the first person to ask this question, and, sorry small dicked dudes, it looks like according to a number of recent studies, that size really does matter, at least as far as the proportionality of one’s dick is measured against the man’s body shape and height. This particular study asked over a hundred women whose average age was 27 to judge a number of computer generated images of naked men without any distinguishing facial features. Of course height and the ratio of shoulders to waist played a large factor in the overall attractiveness of these men, but after that, penis size did seem to play a factor– and the larger the penis, the more attractive the guy.

The World, In Penis Size

Well I hope I didn’t just disappoint a large section of the population, if so, I apologize. If you, dear reader, happen to be one of these poorly endowed men, at least you can take solace in knowing that you’re not alone. In fact, there are large swaths of the globe that deal with similar diminution as a simple fact of life. Since our penises happen to be conveniently protruding organs that happen to be easy for scientists to index, there have been numerous studies of worldwide average penis size. The data produces some illuminating results, such as this map:


What can we learn from this map? Well, it looks like the largest average penises can be found in South America and West Africa, with the largest country being Congo, with 17.93 cm or 7.05″ on average for their non-erect penis size. Contrast this to Asia which generally appears to be a continent of lesser endowed gentlemen. India averages at a mere 10.24 cm, or 4.03″ and South Korea appears to be the world’s smallest, with an average penis size of 9.66 cm or 3.8″. Sorry, South Korea.


If you break up the average penis size by race, the statistics are consistent. Here’s a graph that charts the average penis sizes comparing Asians, Caucasians and African-Americans. While almost everyone seems to be somewhere between 4 inches and 8 inches, each race has their majority of penis size in different places on the graph. Asians have the bulk of their penises between 5 and 6 inches, Caucasians average between 5.5 and 6.8 inches, and African-Americans average between 6.4 and 7.6 inches.

The World’s Boners

But wait, you might be saying. None of these penises were erect in this study. We all know that our penises can dramatically change shape once you get sexually aroused and you get blood start pumping down there. The limp sponge that is a flaccid penis can turn into a staff of iron, ready to satisfy any woman’s sexual desires. Okay, I’ll grant you that. Maybe there’s a distinct difference in boner size to limp dick size. Thankfully the world’s cock measuring scientists have thought about this as well:


Well it looks like a lot of this data remains relatively constant country to country. The worldwide average flaccid penis varies somewhere between 3 and 6 inches, when erect the average is somewhere between 6 and 8 inches. It looks like the countries with the smallest penises still have the smallest boners. India, for instance has an average erect penis size of 5.3 inches, so the gain an inch of tumescence by being aroused. On the other end of the scale, Nigeria has an average erect penis size of 12.3 inches! That’s an increase from their average flaccid size of 6.2 inches, nearly a 100% increase in turgidity! I’m surprised that they don’t simply pass out from loss of blood in their head when all of their blood flows to their nether regions when they get aroused! Chances are there is a little exaggeration going on somewhere.

How Much Does This Really Matter?

So now I’ve basically just insulted half of the planet by saying that you all have tiny dicks and therefore you probably can’t reasonably satisfy a woman. The men of India and South Korea that are reading this are desperately trying to convince their wives and girlfriends from just picking up and moving to West Africa in search for that elusive giant boner. At least South Korea has this aspirational sculpture:


Somewhere in South Korea there’s a big cock, right?

Let’s take a pause from this penis bashing for a second. The world’s scientists and statisticians aren’t just out and about measuring people’s cocks and comparing them, they also sometimes collect even more valuable information. Here’s the results of a worldwide survey analyzing women’s sexual satisfaction:


Well, well, well. It looks like occasionally penis size doesn’t always correlate with sexual satisfaction! Granted there are quite a few countries in this map that are grey due to lack of participation, but from the countries that did participate, we can glean some fascinating results! So as far as the women of the world find their lovemaking a fulfilling activity, it looks like Japan scores the lowest with only 18% of women saying that they’re satisfied with sex. Well Japanese men only have an average erect penis size of 6.2 inches, so what can you expect? France also scores depressingly low on the sexual satisfaction scale with only 26% of French women finding sex satisfying. The average French erection is only 6.3 inches.

But here’s where the statistics throw a wrench into the works. Let’s take a look at Mexico, a country with an average erection of a puny 5.4 inches. It would appear that in spite of this tiny handicap, Mexican men still manage to perform satisfactory sex at least 66% of the time! India, a country with some of the smallest penises in the world (a mere 4.03 inches flaccid and 5.3 inches erect), manage to lead the world in women’s sexual satisfaction, with Indian women being sexually satisfied 68% of the time.

I guess sometimes it doesn’t really matter how big it is. Sometimes it’s actually how you use it.

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