Why Love Lorn Women Ignore Their Ambitions

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For women, when it comes to life and love, many females tend to forget about their career goals to pursue dating ventures.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have published an online dating study that suggested that women who are pursuing romantic happiness are prone to shying away from academic work in science, computers, math and engineering.

When asked to complete a questionnaire on both dating and STEM-based careers, ladies who had dating on the brain reported far less interest in STEM field.

In spite of the fact that the research study only consisted of 350 female participants, its final analysis is not that surprising.  This study only confirms that stereotypes of genders definitely hold women back and women are as equally to blame as men are.

A lot of the female volunteers admitted that that men don’t find smart scientist types all that attractive and that they were scared to emasculate their objects of desire by their levels of intelligence.

It’s a sad and scary thought that when women are pursuing relationships, they lose interest in pursuing their life-long goals. But is that really the case at all?

It could be theorized that the reason a lot of women lose interest in working in STEM fields is because they are not attracted to the men they work with in their fields. Maybe it is not that ladies are trying to make themselves more attractive for other men, but rather the men with STEM-based careers are dull and unexciting?

If you ask me, this is just another tedious study adding to the pile of studies to explain the elusive gender gap.  We’ll never know because each and every woman is different in their own way.



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