Why Men Dump Women They Like

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So, you did everything right.  You rationed your phone calls and texts.  You waited two months after you started dating to have sex and you waited for him to call you.  These are are the thoughts most recently jilted women start to obsess about when they were dumped by guys that they know were into them.  A recent adult dating survey has revealed that 33 percent of men have indeed broken up with women they in fact really liked.   So why do men suddenly show a disinterest in women they seem to want to build a future with?

The Timing Is Way Off

So he bailed on you and you’re wondering what you did to scare him away.  Unfortunately, sometimes the sad truth is ‘nothing.’ Sometimes the guy is just not in the right place in his life to think about building a future with a woman, when he can’t even cope with building a future for himself.   Men and women are very different when it comes to finding “the one.”  When a woman meets the right man, she instantly gets serious.  Women feel more inclined to juggle their social lives, careers and family around the man they are dating.  Generally, men do not have the same multi-tasking skills.  Men seem to get serious with women they’re dating only when they’re ready to settle down.  If the timing is off, then the man is more likely to bail.

Still Not Ready To Settle Down

To men, the grass is always greener.  It doesn’t matter how much they connect with the ones they are dating.  If they’re not ready to settle, they’re constantly thinking about the next woman they will be getting into bed.  This usually occurs with immature boys or men in their thirties that are avoiding growing up.

Thinking About Your Flaws

No woman may wants to think that the guy they’re seeing notices the flaws about themselves, but they do.  If they’re commitment-phobes, they will look at how fast you eat or how stylish you dress and worry that things will be different in the future.  Guys do worry about you gaining too much weight and if you will stop looking pretty for them.   Even if they are crazy about you, they are so scared about turning into their married buds that sometimes it scares them off.

You’re Not “The One”

This may be a hard pill to swallow but just because a guy likes you a lot, it doesn’t mean he will ever love you.   Women may know within five seconds if they want to sleep with a man, but men know within five seconds if she’s going to be the one for him in the long run.   A lot of men are all about living in the moment and it tends to hurt a lot of women when they bail.  If they know you are into them far more than they are into you, they will try to spare your feelings and get out before you really get hurt.

They Don’t Want To Be Changed

There are men out there that have played the field and are notoriously known for being eternal bachelors.  However, when a woman comes around that they find themselves falling for hard, it scares a lot of guys away.  Men are just as scared as getting hurt as women are and if they have spent their entire dating lives avoiding intimacy and commitment, then they will feel inclined to dump the woman they care about even if they know they are making a HUGE mistake.


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