You Can’t Find Love Via Musical Taste

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My, my – you would think we had enough niche online dating sites already, but apparently not. The newest pocket dating search site out there revolves around musical tastes. It’s called and is in some sort of cahoots with the online music site Basically, members of can sign up for this service, and then their playlists on are automatically compared with those of other members. If your tastes match, voila, the site suggests you go get it on with one another.

I don’t know about all of you, but this idea frightens the hell out of me. Now, I know that my taste in music fucking awesome. Like, I am one sophisticated motherfucker; I like the best of classic rock, classical, folk, Indie and anything else worth mentioning, but there have been several occasions where I have met dudes with similar tuneage tastes and it has made me shudder. Just because another human being recognizes the awesomeness of Warpaint or The Strokes or Chopin does not mean they are good people. Many of them might be the type that takes a series of pictures of picnic benches in the winter, and don’t shower, and pretend they have talents that don’t really exist.

I actually signed up for the site to see the matches I would get, and trust me, it’s as frightening as I imagined. So let me take the opportunity to say something: niche passion dating sites don’t work for one simple reason: they are often based on an insignificant part of your personality. You can’t find love via musical tastes or your love for weed or your love for Russian classics. Sorry.

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